Amarra I. Smith


(Bachelor of Arts)

AmaGraduPikSince graduating in 2011 with a BA (Hons) in Drama, Film & Television, Amarra (22) is aiming to take big steps in to the music and acting industry. Raised in South London.

Amarra began singing and performing at the age of 14 with the family group (Trufull), and together they have taken part in X Factor, GMTV Britain’s N0.1 Family, and a substantial amount of events in within their local community. Amarra loves singing gospel, and has participated in church choirs, as well as performing at many different churches events alongside her family group  Trufull.

In her time of studying at college, Amarra was selected to sing at various community events such as, Croydon Champion Awards, Croydon Guardian Awards, and Croydon College Further Education Awards Ceremony, in which she achieved an award for Most Memorable Student (Geoffrey Killick Memorial Prize). Amarra is a person with a big character once you get to know her, she is funny, energetic, kind, and a person you can easily get along with.